10. When People Don’t Understand (2min read)

Do you have a child with autism or a rare medical condition?  Have you ever tried to explain it to someone….but they just don’t understand?

What Do You Mean They Can’t Fix It??

Some conditions have medicine that can be prescribed to “fix” or maintain it.  While other conditions are life long with no true intervention for a “fix”.  If this is your first time reading my blog, both of my twins are special needs.  One has autism and the other has a rare chromosome disorder.  Both conditions have no “fix”, and getting people to understand that is a constant struggle.  For some reason, the logic in their head does not mix well with my explanation.  I’m often asked, “Why can’t they fix it??”  or sometimes I get “There’s got to be something that can make it better”.  It’s a battle dealing with those select few that assume there is a way, but hey…every “explanation war” can’t be won.

Coping as a Parent

There are times when I find myself wondering “How did this happen?”  “Why me?”

But those low points get overshadowed by the pride I take in the unique qualities that my twins have.  Julius’s autism has shown me that an “obsession” can actually be a good thing.  Most autistic children have a “thing” that really makes them happy.  Julius loves numbers.  He’s exceptional in math and can read, count, and write to 1,000,000 if he wanted to.  The joy that numbers brings him is indescribable and puts a smile on my face every time I see his enthusiasm.

Genell’s condition has taught me so much.  I have gained so much patience and perseverance because I know that it is my responsibility to give her the best life that she can have.  Although she is non-verbal, she has a smile that will light up a room and a laugh that is music to my ears.

Turning The Frustration and Pain Into Laughter

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen some recent comical posts.  These are real life struggles that I, along with lots of other special needs parents, deal with.  Spreading awareness is key, especially for folks that don’t understand.  Check out my latest video and I hope it puts a smile on your face.  SHARE my video with someone you know that can relate ♥

♦ Click here to learn more about their condition
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